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Vanilla, chocolate, Caramel, coffee, chocolate Passsion, mint, lemon, pistachio, hazelnut, chocolate coconut, strawberry, raspberry, speculoos, cherry, cinnamon.


Amarula Rose Litchi, Orange, lavender, green tea, Ginger Lime, Mojito, Pina Colada, licorice, violet, jasmine, white chocolate.


Best Joburg macaroons!

Née born in Nice (France), now 36 years ago, I have, since my earliest childhood, had pleasure to participate in
the development by my grandmother's dishes from these great moments of meeting and sharing.

It's usability, the joy of the exchanges, the generosity that was preparing all the dishes and the... desserts that made me appreciate the world of cuisine.

Later attracted to the passion of my uncle who presided over for a typical restaurant, in the historic district of old Nice, feasting his guests around the emblematic dishes nice, like stuffed small, calf pocket, socca pissaladière, I naturally continued my studies at the Lycée International of hospitality Paul Augier in Nice.

My passion for the sugar brought me some great french pastry making macaroon a worldwide reputation.

Today I prepare in my kitchen in Johannesburg best Joburg macaroons!

My love of cuisine also extends to preparing healthy and delicious dishes that I can concoct at your request.

I realize them with the most rigorous selection of products with natural ingredients.
Flexible and imaginative, I remain at your disposal for your specific requests.

Passionate about French cuisine, I picked up the torch of the R workshop for you propose the best french products manufactured or imported into South Africa. Order online all our products, we ensure the deliveries on Johannesburg.


The history of the badge

Buttons appeared in Europe in the middle ages. Composed from the outset of almonds, sugar and egg whites, they would be born in the eighth century in Venetian monasteries. Before uniting two, these cupcakes were individually.

This is the Renaissance that these candies were introduced into France by Catherine de ' Medici, on the occasion of her marriage to the Duke of Orleans, future King of France.

The basic recipe then inspired several regional specialities, such as the badge of Lorraine appeared in the 18th century under the aegis of the Dames du Saint-Sacrement or the badge of Boulay whose creation dates back to 1854.

It is in the 1830s, Paris, pastry chefs have had the idea to add these cookies two by garnishing with a ganache. This "Parisian macaron" was especially popularized by House Ladurée in Paris


Happy holidays to all...

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